The purpose of the Corsair Society is to (a) provide a support network for the University of Georgia’s top undergraduate students who are interested in exploring career opportunities in business, (b) facilitate productive discussion between University graduates involved in related fields, and (c) support the academic mission of the University by fostering a collaborative environment that will promote advancement of the Society’s members and the University as a whole.

Corsair is a values-based organization centered upon the principals of life-long learning, commitment to leadership, dedication to achievement, uncompromising ethics, and diversity in both thought and background.

Induction to our society is public, competitive, and selective. Undergraduate members are selected into the Corsair Society as junior members during their third year of study. Alumni members shall (a) serve as mentors to undergraduate members, (b) foster productive business and personal relationships within the society, and (c) assist in furthering our general purpose. Selection involves an application and interview process, and key criteria include personal values, relevant experience, academic performance, leadership characteristics, interpersonal qualities, and personal ambition. Selection into the Corsair Society is contingent upon active participation in the Society’s educational activities, demonstrated commitment to self improvement, and support of both members and peers.

Our current focus is on those interested or involved in investment banking, sales and trading, and management consulting. We have included information on this web site that will allow you to learn more about our organization and membership. Please direct any questions to us via electronic mail at corsairleadership@gmail.com. Welcome!